QR Elem

Nov 2013


QR Elem - is yet another QR code reader app available for your iPhone. I made the app as simple as I possibly could. My app is ad free and tries to be as native as possible. I make no attempt to trap you inside of QR Elem. I mapped every supported QR code action to iOS's native counter part:

Enjoy the app!


June 2013


Above is a subset of QR codes that I used for testing. I am not surprised about the lack of popularity scanning QRs. Most common mistake: The mobile phone user lands on a non mobile friendly web site and can't read a thing. Nobody scans QR codes on the desktop therefore I recommend making mobile friendly web sites.

Non mobile friendly site


March 2013

Here a very slick valet parking ticket made by Flash Valet. The QR code on the ticket triggers a text message to the parking attendant getting your car ready. But the app that I installed didn't work. So I made an app that triggers a text message.

How it all started

QR History


1994 an automotive company called Denso invented the QR code and released the better bar code technology for free. Almost 20 years later only very few mobile phone users in US are scanning QR codes.
Read Wired Magazine's little history lesson on QR.